VIBnavigator: the user interface of the VIBstudio platform


VIBnavigator is the user interface of the VIBstudio platform based on I3 TechnologyTM. It is primarily used for event monitoring, data viewing, configuration and administration of the system. On one hand the interactive and easy to use browser ensures intuitive handling for the operator. On the other it offers to the maintenance and diagnostic teams a wide functionality for processing and analysis of signals. High degree of configurability and automation of operations make it very easy to verify the causes of an alarm 

VIBnavigator versions

VIBnavigator is available in two versions:

  • Standard Edition (SE) -  for small installations, allows to verify the causes of warnings and alarms
  • Enterprise Edition (EE) – diagnostic center, allows direct access to live and historical data from any number of machines
Set of diagnostic tools and plots + +
Live data viewing + +
Import of measurement data from files + +
Event manager + +
Dedicated database for measurement data (reading, writing, analysis)   +
Automated data replication from VIBmonitor   +
Indication of current condition   +
Managing measurement data sets (import/export/...)   +
Managing data access rights of the users   +
Managing events from the phone (Android application)   +

VIBnavigator is:

  • Clear and modern interface
  • Access to live and historical data
  • One click diagnostics (I3 TechnologyTM)
  • Management of warnings and alarms
  • Graphical editor of kinematics

VIBnavigator unique features

  • Displaying data from time periods of an unlimited length
  • Automated thresholds configuration (ATCTM)
  • Displaying time signals and trends on the same plot
  • Viewing of continuous time signal
  • Displaying characteristic frequency bands on spectrum plots
  • Rejection of data not matching validation criteria
  • Filtration of data according to machine operational states
  • Spectrum calculation from selected fragments of signals
  • Comments on data and configuration