Machinery condition monitoring

We have a broad experience in the area of vibration-based condition monitoring and diagnostic systems for rotating machinery. 

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Data acquisition

We offer a full range of high-quality data acquisition systems, starting from small, single or double channel systems, up to big multichannel systems.

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Signal conditioning

Small, portable, single-channel devices on one hand, and big, rack-mountable, multichannel systems on the other.

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NDT systems

Ultrasonic based non-destructive testing uses the energy of high frequency acoustic waves (50 kHz-25 MHz).

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Educational test benches

One of the results of close connections to technical universities is the offer of research and educational test benches for teaching the technical courses.

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Remote condition monitoring: VIBcare

It is a unique proposal allowing to optimize machine operation without additional employment costs, proper personnel training and expenses on IT infrastructure.

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