VIBdaq 2.1 - Dual channel data acquisition module with configurable gain

VIBdaq 2.1 is a double channel data acquisition module for signal processing in IEPE standard. Device's inputs can be also configured as AC or DC inputs. The selected input type is indicated by an appropriate diode on the panel, and can be switched using proper buttons. The device is fully powered from USB port. The small size and weight make the device very convenient to use.

VIBdaq 2.1 has configurable gain (1,10,100) for each channel that is indicated on the panel by diodes, and is easily adjustable using buttons on the panel. The device has also signal overload indicator for both channels.

The module is designed for mechanical components condition analysis based on collected vibration time signals.


  • Possibility to work with two ICP sensors
  • Ability to switch the input type to DC or AC
  • Configurable gain (1,10,100) for each channel that is indicated on the panel by diodes (gain can be adjusted by using buttons)
  • Indication of signal overload – for both channels
  • The module is fully powered from USB port
  • Does not require external drivers for the system
  • In the operating system the device is seen as a sound card (it allows to use the module in a variety of applications)

Key parameters

Number of input channels 2
Input channels connectors BNC
Input signal type DC, AC, ICP®
ICP® 24 VDC, 2.4 mA
Input voltage range ±10 V
Gain x1, x10, x100
Input impedance AC: 220 kΩ
DC: 220 kΩ
ICP®: 110kΩ
THD typically: -88 dB
max: -70dB
(at F =48 kHz,
input signal: 1 kHz sinusoid)
SNR 92 dB
Crosstalk 1 kHz sinusoid: < -120 dB
10 kHz sinusoid: < - 90 dB
20 kHz sinusoid : < - 86 dB
A/C converter multi bit Delta - Sigma
16 bit (optionally 24 bit)
Sampling frequency 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz (16 bit, 24 bit)
96 kHz (only for 16 bit)
Anti-aliasing filter digital decimation
Anti-aliasing filter gain 0-0.39 F: ± 0.1 dB
0.55-0.63 F: 75 dB
0.1425 F: 0.25 dB
0.45 F: 3 dB
0.5 F: 17.5 dB
Communication interface USB
Power supply USB port
Power consumption approx. 300 mA
Dimensions 60 x 100 x 30 mm
Weight 250 g
Operational temperature 0°C - 70°C