EC Systems supports ZF TRW in the field of machinery and equipment diagnostics


ZF TRW (formerly TRW Automotive) is a leading manufacturer and distributor of active and passive safety systems, driver assistance systems and driving automation systems for all major vehicle manufacturers in the world. The company focuses on continuous improvement and perfects product quality, and therefore in 2014 it was decided to upgrade the production line of electric power steering systems for vehicles. EC Systems was invited to cooperate in this project.

The research conducted by ZF TRW together with EC Systems showed possible application of vibration measurement to detect faults in the gearbox, in particular to ensure a properly low level of noise during operation. Based on the results of the research, in 2015 EC Systems designed and implemented a system for automatic and continuous vibration measurement as an element of the production line at ZF TRW. The main purpose of the monitoring is to assess whether the produced steering support systems meet the production standards. The system records and saves to the database samples of signal acquired at the moment when load is applied to a gearbox and calculates vibration estimates in real time based on signals acquired to perform validation.

Transmission of the results to the master system is executed via MODBUS TSP protocol. At the same time, the information is displayed on operator’s local computer‘s monitor. The system is built-up into a control cabinet being a part of measurement station, which is connected to operator’s monitor. This upgrade of the production line significantly increased detection of defective products while reducing the time required for quality control more than 60 times.

"EC Systems have been supporting ZF TRW in the field of machinery and equipment diagnostics for many years. The implemented system providing continuous vibration measurement to detect faults in the gearboxes is another and certainly not the last example of successful cooperation between our companies." - Says Artur Pałasz, Central Europe Talent Acquisition Manager at ZF TRW.

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