Machinery condition monitoring

We have a broad experience in the area of vibration-based condition monitoring and diagnostic systems for rotating machinery. Our systems allow to continuously supervise the most critical machines, and to keep them in desired technical condition. They also give possibility to perform an emergency shutdown in case of a threat of a serious failure. This enables to plan maintenance in advance, and to minimize the planned downtime.

Our offer includes a range of solutions with various complexity level, what gives us opportunity to present each client a dedicated offer fulfilling exactly the needs, and taking into account the specifics of the industrial facility. We offer stationary and portable systems, working online, as well as these working offline, performing advanced signal analysis, and systems, which provide only the basic information.

Advanced vibration signal analysis implemented in our products allow to early detect damages, such as:

  • imbalance,
  • misalignment,
  • loose foundation,
  • bearings and gears damage.

How do you benefit: 

  • Less planned and unplanned downtime
  • Optimized operational parameters
  • Greater durability
  • Reliability
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Optimized overhaul plan

VIBtransmitter - Basic vibration monitoring modules

Devices from the VIBtransmitter series are designed for online condition monitoring and basic diagnostics of constant and variable speed rotating machinery (e.g. ventilators, pumps, compressors). It is an affordable solution for customers, who want to protect their facilities from serious failures. The series includes single channel, as well as multichannel devices.

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