PAQ 16000D

The PAQ 16000D is an elastic waves generation and acquisition system. The device uses the Lamb waves to examine plates of metals, composites and laminates. The object is excited with a wave packet, and then the system collects the response signals. Based on the gathered information it is possible to detect external and internal material defects. All the data is sent to a PC computer through USB interface, where it can be displayed and analyzed in MatLab® environment. Moreover, the device is equipped with BNC connectors, which allow to visualize each channel on an oscilloscope.


  • detection of external defects – cracks, fractures
  • detection of internal defects - cracks, voids, delamination
  • condition monitoring using thermal technology

Technical data

number of excitation channels 1(0)
number of measurement channels 7(8)/15(16)
Lamb packet frequency 10-500 kHz
Lamb packet periods 1-16
Lamb packet modulation window triangle/rectangle/Hanning
maximum excitation voltage 200 Vpp
converter A/C: 2,5 MHz, 24 bit
additional settings excitation signal gain, measurement signal gain, gain relative delay (in multichannel system)
number of modules per system 1-8
power supply 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
communication interface USB
work environment MatLab®