PAHV 2000

The PAHV2000 system is designed for linear amplification of analog signals within DC-350 kHz range. It can be used to amplify low power piezo elements, or low capacity piezo stacks. The system has 2 channels with independentgain control, output voltage limiters, drive level visualization, switchable filters and piezo elements temperature load monitoring. The system can be controlled either from the front panel, or through RS232 interface.


  • precise positioning
  • active vibration damping
  • powering piezo elements in static or dynamic mode

Technical parameters

operational bandwidth 0-350 kHz
input voltage range ±10 VDC
output voltage range 400 Vpp
input signal gain 10-100, step of 1
number of channels 2
maximal output power 30 W per channel
power supply 230 VAC, 50 Hz
input signal connector BNC
output signal connector high voltage, LEMO EGG.08.302.CLL
communication interface RS232