Wind power industry

Wind power

A growing pressure for lowering carbon emissions resulted in a spectacular growth of the wind power industry in the recent years. However, wind farm operation faces several challenges, like the maintenance of wind turbine mechanical elements. These devices are susceptible to failures, which if they go undetected, can cause further significant damages and expose the owner to additional costs. EC Systems responds to those challenges by offering a ready to use VIBstudio system for condition monitoring of wind turbine key mechanical components.

Conventional power industry

Conventional power

Conventional Power is a sector of strategic importance, strongly oriented towards innovations helping to increase efficiency of existing and newly built installations. Our condition monitoring systems for rotating machinery allow for constant surveillance over the most critical machines in the power plant. This ensures their maintenance in a desired technical condition, as well as gives possibility to perform an emergency shutdown if there is a risk of a serious damage. We can also offer our experience in development of dedicated solutions for monitoring and management of power plants.

Rail transport industry

Rail transport

Development and safety of the rail transport to a large extent depends on efficiency and reliability of its computerized management systems. EC Systems has an extensive experience in cooperation with leaders of the railway sector, especially in the area of system integration and vibration diagnostics. Our highly qualified team of engineers can work for your company as well.

Automotive industry


The drive to reduce costs on almost all stages of production makes the automotive industry particularly absorbent market for innovation. All kinds of post-production testing systems eliminating manufacturing errors, are gaining more and more attention. In this area, over the years, EC Systems has been working with the market leaders to develop a set of dedicated solutions. Our experienced team of specialists is ready to work for your company as well.

Paper & printing industries

Paper & printing

Many studies indicate that condition monitoring of paper and printing machines significantly increases productivity of the facilities by avoiding emergency downtime, as well as optimizing mean time between maintenances. EC Systems offers a ready to use solution for condition monitoring of the machines. Our VIBstudio system makes it possible to early detect machine failures such as imbalance, misalignment, loose foundation, bearings and gears damage already in an early development phase.

Food processing industry

Food processing

Unplanned downtime of food processing machines is a serious problem for every manufacturing plant. The costs of unplanned downtime usually are quite significant, because they not only consist of the repair expenses, but they also include lost sales, as well as lost raw materials and intermediates. Understanding of the market needs lead us to the initiative to develop machinery condition monitoring systems, whose smooth operation together with our knowledge of the machine diagnostics allowed our customers make significant savings.

Mining industry


Mining industry is continuously searching for effective methods to reduce operational costs of extracting the fossil deposits. One of the most effective ways to reach this goal is to reduce the cost of ownership of the mining machines, which can be achieved by lowering the failure rate and the maintenance costs. EC Systems has a broad experience in development of dedicated condition monitoring and control systems for the mining machines, we also offer a range of intrinsically safe products for vibration diagnostics with the ATEX certificate.

Oil & gas industry

Oil & gas

Oil & gas is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The increasing demand for these raw materials results in their extraction from more and more inaccessible deposits, e.g. at seas and oceans using offshore platforms. The growing security challenges implicate the development of modern methods for condition monitoring and diagnostics of all important machinery such as pumps and compressors. EC Systems has a broad experience with machinery condition monitoring and diagnostics systems operating in very harsh environments, including explosion hazard zones. We also offer a range of intrinsically safe products for vibration diagnostics with the ATEX certificate.

Chemical industry


Modern chemical industry could not exist without automation, intelligent control systems and diagnostic systems. On their reliability heavily depends the safety, as well as the efficiency of the production processes. EC Systems offers its experience in using advanced vibration diagnostics methods for condition monitoring of rotating machinery, as well as in development of dedicated software solutions integrating automation, control and diagnostic systems.

Steel industry


Steel industry in the developed countries has been under a lot of pressure in the recent years. In such circumstances, all the systems aimed to optimize the production process, are getting increasingly important. One of the methods to improve plant’s productivity is avoiding costly machine downtime caused by failures, which can be achieved using condition monitoring systems. EC Systems offers ready to use systems dedicated to vibration diagnostics of rotating machinery, which allow to early detect failures.

Building materials industry

Building materials

Production process of the building materials is almost totally dependent on performance of rotating machinery such as mills, mixers and ventilators. These devices usually work under heavy load and in unfavorable conditions, what makes them especially susceptible to failures. Condition monitoring systems offered by EC Systems, thanks to advanced vibration diagnostics methods they use, allow to early detect symptoms of machine failures like imbalance, misalignment, loose foundation, bearings and gears damage.